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Since I faked my peanuts allergy I always get excluded from awesome dinners at work

Any failure in the sensitivity of your immune system can lead to a hyper reaction, either due to chemicals, pollen or foods such as peanuts. Peanut allergies are one of the most common allergies that affect people. There is no cure for peanut allergy, besides avoiding any food than contains peanut or traces of peanuts. Peanut allergy can cause anaphylaxis shock and lead to asphyxia which will cause death. Go have a break just by using a fake doctor’s note

When I read these facts over the internet I thought it was the perfect disease to use on a fake doctors note, if I ever needed to use one again I wouldn’t have to make up another disease since I already have a medical history of being allergic to peanuts. In most of the cases by law food labels should state the presence of peanuts or peanuts traces. Nevertheless, you can accidentally eat something at a restaurant for instance that claimed to be free of peanuts, but they happened to use the same spoon and some traces of peanuts remained.

Th e best excuse is a believable one, try making a fake note from your doctor to help get out of any responsibility.

Anyhow I handed in my first fake doctors note almost three years ago, and I have handed in 15 – 20 more notes since then, stating mild sings of allergy. Everything has worked out pretty good, I get time off whenever I decide and no one is even suspicious about my notes. Nevertheless, there is one downside about the disease I have chosen, my boss, although she tries to hide it, avoids inviting me for outside work dinners and events.

I guess the saying, “You can never really have it all” is true. If only I knew that this would be the consequence for my doctor’s excuse for work, I would have tried any other excuse available! However, things are done. I guess I will only be eating awesome dinners by myself with my money. Study a PrintFakeDoctorsNote story to know how to write a proper doctor’s excuse.

I can understand why though, if she was to invite me she will have to find either a restaurant that serves food free of peanuts or if she is cooking, make sure she buys special and more expensive ingredients. In any case, I can live with that and I surely have to life with that situation until I quit this job, since peanut allergy can’t be cured. also has great physician’s notes.

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